Lea Seydoux Topless in a Fancy Hotel for Mario Sorrenti Photoshoot

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Mario Sorrenti is one of the European photographers that famous women wait in line to get nekkid for. Yes, kind of a nice gig if you can get it. It's because Mario's photos get published in major magazines and win all kinds of awards and the women don't feel nekkid so much as nude and special and important, as all women should feel, especially that nude part.

In the current edition of Lui magazine in France you can see Mario's shoot of the sextastic Lea Seydoux, blowing up in all kinds of ways, though mostly nekkid and topless in a fancy hotel in this particular visual instance. She truly is a beauty, in color or black and white. I'm not exactly sure why she's curled up without any clothes on on the floor of a hotel room, I only wish it were mine. Enjoy.

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