Lindsey Gort Booty Tightness on Set of 'The Carrie Diaries'

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The more I try to stay away from keeping a watchful eye on The Carrie Diaries, the more I find myself obsessed with the female casting, specifically, the tight booties of the ladies of the show, including today a lovely spotting of Lindsey Gortin a tight leopard skin skirt on the set. I mean, I'm not the type of man to stare at a woman's bum and make cat calls, but I am the type of man to stare at a woman's bum and yell out, 'Bless you, Mother Mary!'. I have a hard time withholding my passions.

And just look at the beautiful bottom side on the underrated Lindsey Gort. I know this show is not meant for my demographic, and so long as I have Willy and The Bobos dangling between my legs (yes, I gave them a Country Western name) I will not be watching this show, but that arse. Damn. Enjoy.

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