Liz La Point Nekkid in the Desert Revisted

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Long time EgoReader Terry Osterhout just happens to be a portrait photographer of hot women, which immediately makes him somebody whose Christmas gifts I look forward to each Yuletide. He also happens to have a hot wife who he convinces to model for him amid scorpions and sharp rocks and various other places where you wouldn't normally be ever so comfortable getting nekkid. But Liz La Point does for her husband's camera and Terry likes to share his work with us from time to time.

Now, before you even get started with me on fairness, yes, if you have a hot wife and and you're a strong photographer and you get her ass nekkid out in nature to capture her Eve-like beauty, I'm more than happy to share them as well with the greater community at large. I don't play favorites, though I do generally love to play.

While Terry has a new photo book coming out for Christmas soon, I can personally and highly recommend Liz La Point: A Photographic Journey on sale and well worth the price if you're looking for an ice-breaking coffee table book or just a fun one to keep by the bedside. Enjoy.

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