Melissa Debling, Chanelle Hayes, and Stacey Poole Topless Monthly Mammaries Kick Off 2014 Calendar Season

If you don't think Christmas is starting earlier than earlier each year, then you haven't seen my mailbox already stuffed with holiday buying guides here still in the month of September. Retailers live and die with their Yuletide sales, so it only makes sense they want a full 3-4 month window to move all their merch during the season when even the Grinchiest of bastards ends up buying half a dozen gifts.

And if you happen to be a gift giving bastard, you could do worse than to bestow upon a cherished friend or love one the blessings of the boobtastic in the annual glamour model topless calendars. And, don't you know, we've got a preview of the first few epic 12-months of funbags rolling on down the line.

Melissa Debling (above) won't just cover your wall, she will help do that yourself as well, her 2014 calendar looks just crazy hot as usual.

Now, Chanelle Hayes could kick me in the gunny sack every hour on the hour and I'd still beg her to recreate several of these posses from her 2014 calendar:

And Stacey Pooleand those mysteriously wicked brunette locks and that body, I could see myself becoming quite chaffed before any April showers with her 2014 calendar on the office wall here:

If I could, I'd be being each and every one of these wall calendars. I can, so I am. I can't wait already for 1/1/14. Enjoy.

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