Miley Cyrus Lip Slip Maybe in Director's Cut of We Can't Stop

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With all the buzz currently going around about Miley Cyrus and her Tweeted promotion to release the Director's cut of Wrecking Ball if she gets 150 million views on the supposedly censored version of the music video, well why not take a look back just about six weeks ago when Miley released the Director's cut of her musical genius creation, We Can't Stop.

We just thought it was an LSD infused version of the original 20-something eff you to Hannah Montana anthem. But many of you EgoReader sleuthy type detectives (including 'Timmy' and 'Conspirator') sent in this fractured screencap from about 55 seconds into the Director's cut of the video. Well, you be the judge. We starred it just in case the children are watching from behind your backs. Those little buggers will do that at the most inopportune moments. Enjoy.

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