READER FINDS: Miley Cyrus Nip Slip, Selena Gomez Up-Shorts Peek, Alexandra Sim-Wise Topless, and Much Much More...

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We gather in this hallowed establishment each Friday for one and only one purpose, the sharing of the skin, celebrity sextastic skin. Well, two purposes if you include the wicked awesome Sno-Cone machine. But mostly it's for the girls we all can never get enough of, or share enough with our friends. Sharing does mean caring, but sharing hot nekkid photos, well, that's something that would blow Barney's freaking mind.

This week's Reader Finds includes German TV hostess Palina Rojinski bikini body awareness (thanks to EgoReader 'Sebastian'), a crazy hot Latina model Julianne stripping down in H Para Hombres magazine (bless you kind 'Gillig'), Chloe Saxon quite topless and deliciously so for Page 3 (good tidings from 'Alan S.'), Laura Dern topless on the big screen (refreshingly from the way back from 'Evan'), Elisabetta Fantone wearing clothes but wicked hot (smokiness provided by 'David B.'), Vera Farmiga topless in yet another screen gem (Farmi-ta-ta's provided by 'Ally'), hottie thespianic Sophie Marceau with her clothes off for some film I've never heard of, but now love (transmitted herein by 'Damien'), Janet Montgomery flashing her bare tubes on the boob tube (double chestal blessings from 'Eeno'), hot girls in body paint from photographer Bryan Crump (hot photos and warnings to be smart when slathering paint on the body by way of Bryan himself), G4TV hostess and British hottie Alexandra Sim-Wise in seductive topless video stills (kudos to 'Omar' for these ginger treats), a higher res look at the actual Miley Cyrus nip slip in Wrecking Ball (thank you to 1,001 of your good souls who submitted this), nekkid bedroom shots of Bulgarian beauty Maria Stanoev (by Kiril Stanoev, presumably her husband), and, last, but not least, a peek up those wide legged shorts Selena Gomez keeps wearing in concert that even with stockings on appears to give away a little something something up in the yonder lands, but you be the judge of that. And, enjoy

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