READER FINDS: Selena Gomez Groped, Laura Fraser Lesbionic, Amy Smart Topless, and Much Much More

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The finding of the readers, if you will, our weekly Reader Finds. The first of the autumnal season and the celebrity clothes are falling. Get it? Because... never mind. The point is, not only have all of you not slowed down in your communal offerings, you've sped up, maybe emailing fast to keep the nip of the change of seasons at bay by way of sending nip pics, or maybe we're just getting ever closer to the generous spirit time of year, but this week, oh, boy, you did not disappoint.

This week's Reader Finds includes a candid shot of Selena Gomez being groped by a mysterious hand in Milan (thank you to EgoReader 'Yorch' for this unique shot), Amber Heard wicked hot in Angeleno magazine (blessings from 'Mary'), Sigourney Weaver topless in a way back film role (transmitted by 'Devon'), the visually talented Paulina Porizkova topless in one bad movie (much obliged, 'Steven H.'), Marisa Tomei topless in the great film The Wrestler (Tomei ta-ta's provided by 'Ian'), Maria Bellomemorable full frontal sextastic from H.O.V. (skinematically served up by 'Trush'), devilishly hot Amy Smart topless in her infamous onscreen role (tubes of Smart via 'Perry'), Natalie Hall topless on the silver screen (kudos to 'Bengie'), Melani Paul topless in yet another 90's film (delivered to the doorstep by 'Nikko'), Emma Williamson topless and dramatic (theatrically planted by 'Roger G.'), Kristen Bell in a sports tank top looking hot on camera (Bell-iciousness served up by 'Stoney'), Michelle Marsh candidly topless sunbathing (fully loaded funbags sent to us by 'Ray'), Sarah Shahi upskirt on CBS' Person of Interest (capped benevolently by 'Jordan T.'), Amy Markham topless in a foreign edition of FHM (treats provided by 'Mad Dawg'), maybe more pictures of Amy Markham topless from a hardcore adult vid or just a lookalike (EgoReader 'Dan' swears this is the very same Amy pre-work, can't say for sure), and last, but never least, it's Laura Fraser who plays Lydia on Breaking Bad in a topless lesbionic scene for the BBC show Lip Service. Heisenberg! Enjoy.

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