Rihanna Braless in a See-Through Top to Earn Some Attention for Her Own Boobtastic Self

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Maybe it's the pressure of Lady Gaga running around London and New York mostly nekkid these days, but Rihanna felt a need to step up her game and remind everybody that she was showing her boobs off in public before Poker Face every became a hit.

Rihanna made her way through New York last night back to her hotel braless beneath a sheer white tank top, her fine funbags fairly clear and presently dangerous to all the gentleman ogler onlookers. The see-through factor was aided a bit by the bright lights of the paparazzi flash bulbs, but make no mistake about it, Rihanna is not looking to win the silver medal in the pop diva public exhibition category. She's digging for gold, one see-through top at a time. Enjoy.

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