Riki Lindhome Nekkid, Sheri Moon Zombie Unclad, Kelly Monaco Topless in the Mr. Skin Minute (VIDEO)

It's hot here in Los Angeles, quite damn hot. This could be something of a forecast for my future time in Hell as tons of hot babes I can never have strut around in hardly any clothes and my entire body is covered in sweat from the unearthly temps. Although I doubt you can get s sixer of ice cold beer in hell for under $5 at the local package store. If you can, I'd like to go now please. Either way, it's definitely stay at home by the air conditioner and watch movies on the big little screen kind of weather. And to catch the best of skin in that medium, we turn to the weekend forecast from our friends at Mr. Skin and their Mr. Skin Minute.

This week's Mr. Skin Minute includes Riki Lindhome nekkid in Hell Baby now out on multiple platforms, Kelly Monaco topless making of the sexy scene in Idle Hands now on Blu-Ray, and Sheri Moon Zombie without any clothes on in The Lords of Salem also out on Blu-Ray. That right there could make for a weekend of happy happy A/C tug time. Just saying, if nothing else is going on. Enjoy.

(You can't wear white after Labor Day, but you can still get dirty, fun and dirty, with an EgoReader discounted membership to Mr.

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