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Thank God It's Funbags! Hot Lilly Gets Nekkid in the Big Brother Shower for Voyeuristic Soapy Goodness (VIDEO)

Oh, heavenly Friday, only by a mile perhaps the best day of the week, what with the anticipation and release factors involve. Though, I caution you, please do not do the release part until you've cleared the building, you don't want that kind of rep around your place of work or study.

In the meanwhile, to help you feel clean again, how about Lilly from Big Brother Germany, a land where Big Brother voyeurism actually means something voyeruring, taking a shower and soaping up her hot nekkid form for the benefit of spying eyes everywhere. I'm not saying it's a polite or gentlemanly thing to peep on a girl taking a shower, but if the cameras are rolling, what's a man to do? Look away? Nay, sir, that'd be an insult to this fair haired Germanic beauty. Show your manners! Thank God It's Funbags!

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