Tina Fey Nip Slip Means the Emmy Awards Aren't a Total Bore

Let's be honest, the Emmy Awards are the boring redheaded stepchild to The Oscars. Less glitz, less glamour, and more often than not, less chestal goodness. TV has always been more conservative than the Movies when it comes to baring skin (with both well short of anything to do with pop music these days).

Still, the sight of Tina Fey accepting her award during the show and flashing what certainly appears to be her mama nipple, albeit there might be some type of tape or something or other moving about as well, at least it gives mainstream TV something to  talk about.  Nipples make everything better, they're like hot fudge in that way. Enjoy.

(We'll bring you full red carpet and best of the hotties at The Emmy's soon; as in, when my NFL Sunday inebriation clears up a tad.)

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