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We Saw Amanda Cerny In Her Bikini; Now Let's See Her Nekkid on the Pages of Playboy

Oh yes, my, yours, and grandma's very favorite game of all time. That one where we see a wicked hot celebrity in little bits of clothes then I pretend that a million people called me to demand to see her nekkid not long after and I willingly oblige. Yep, Amanda Cerny, the latest promotional model for 138 Water, not so long ago, just two years ago, was a very special ridiculously hot Playboy Playmate. Thanks to our friends at Playboy Plus, we can now take a look at Amanda completely nekkid.

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Not that bikini pictures are anything to scoff at, but seeing the full and true wonders of a Playmate on sensual exhibition, well, that is another matter altogether. A matter I will be reflecting upon not long from now, once I get this bolt lock fixed on my door. So damn hot I want to drop to my knees and tell the stuffed bear mounted on my wall to thank Mother Nature for her epic creation. Enjoy.

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