We Saw Jaclyn Swedberg in a Bikini, Now Let's See Her Nekkid in Playboy

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Our favorite ever game, even better than strip Twister with the BBW sisters down the hall, checking out supremely good looking women in next to nothing, then seeing them in nothing shortly thereafter courtesy of our friends at PlayboyPlus, purveyors of perfect bodies in print for many thousands of years now.

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We had quite the strong reaction to the Jaclyn Swedberg bikini pictures we ran a couple days ago. And, by strong reaction I mean sales of tub-sized Intensive Care skyrocketed at Costco in a single day. So, why not kill you even more with some of our favorite visuals of the ridiculously hot Jaclyn Swedberg from her Playmate spread. Jaclyn Swedberg is so hot, she makes the sun feel unworthy. I just made that up, Jaclyn, I've got more, let's have breakfast in bed. Enjoy.

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