Candice Swanepoel Slips Nip at Sao Paulo Fashion Show

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Not that the fashion world freaks out to much at the sight of bare boobs, consider the models spend half their time half-dressed and everybody is very adult about the fact that they are walking mannequins.

Still, when the beautiful Candice Swanepoel suffers a wardrobe malfunction and flashes her bare udder on the public stage, me and a few million of my closest ogling gentleman friends are going to notice. Maybe pop some champagne and celebrate even. Just Korbel or something, not that fancy stuff we'd open for full-on nekkidness of this South African uber-sextastic model. Still, I shall never forsake the eyeball glory of Candice Swanepoel and her sweet chestal goodness. It almost makes fashion worth watching. Enjoy.

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