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Chanelle Hayes Topless Fur Time Brunette Dreamscape

Oh, how many fantasies do I have of ridiculously boobtastic brunettes wrapped in fur coats that I've bought them (or found on the street after a tranny fight here on Hollywood Boulevard)? More than one, less than ten million. Something about the closeness of warm fuzzy fur on a woman who has surely shorn off all of her own natural matting, well, it's downright lust inducing. No offense to the animals who had to go to heaven for this visual treat to take place.

Chanelle Hayes dazzles in fur and not much else in the current edition of Nuts where she looks every bit the boudoir fantasy. Now, there are many things I can do for myself. Cook, clean, I've even been known to do my own laundry once a month or so. But no man can replicate the epic tingles provided by one bodacious woman topless laying across a fur coat. For that, even the most ardent bachelor requires a visit. I sure do hope Chanelle is my next visitor. The postman with envelopes with big red font 'Past Due' letters is not even a close second. Enjoy.

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