Clemence Poesy Topless Black and White Frenchy Periodical Perfection

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If I had to make a list of the hotties in the Harry Potter film series, well, to be honest, the list would not be super long. Suffice it to say, Emma Watson and I shall one day be stuck-elevator lovers for up to three minutes of glorious time, and I will live with those happy memories forever. But beyond Emma, I move to Clemence Poesy, the French girl from Deathly Hallows, who not only is one sextastic Euro beauty, but being quite continental, does not mind taking off her top for magazine pictorials. Big advantage I would objectively say.

Featured in black and white and hot all over photographs in Lui magazine, Clemence shows exactly why great looking women are much cooler than magic tricks, and why when after seeing the sweet boobtastic of Ms. Poesy, you'll likely be pulling more than just a rabbit out of your hat. I'm not even sure that makes sense, but you get the idea. Enjoy.

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