Eliza Sys Topless For the Perfect Belgian Blend of Art and Sextastic

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Thanks to EgoReader 'Darren' who understands that the intersection of woman and art need not be so tame and boring. Not when you have smoking hot European fashion models like Belgian sextastic Eliza Sys in the topless mix. This Northern European hottie has one amazing racktastic and an equally fine booty she is showing off all kinds of bare in the current quarterly edition of S magazine.

It's not just that ridiculously hot women with supremely fine bodies are fun to ogle, they actually serve an important, invaluable purpose in the circle of life. For instance, checking out Eliza's boobtastic, I now feel like I want to make many babies with a woman, preferably one that looks like Eliza, but, if you can't be with the one you lust... you know, ship in the storm and all of that. Bless you, Eliza for keeping the species robust and vital. Enjoy.

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