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Emily O'Hara Puppy Thumps Nicole Neal in The Weekly Battle of the Boobtastic (With BotB Rankings Now Computed)

This week's Battle of the Boobtastic might also be considered the Battle of the Blondes, as killer fair-haired beauties Emily O'Hara and Nicole Neal go chest to chest in our weekly qualitative measurement contest. There's no shutdown here, only lift-ups, as two supremely fine women remove their tops for your viewing, and judging pleasure.

And, judge you must. It is your sacred obligation to send one woman home with the virtual trophy while another lowers her head into her hands and curses Fate. Take your time, scan, peruse, and decide, whose ta-ta's reign supreme?

And, since so many of you have asked, politely even, intern Andrew has compiled a scorecard of the all-time records of our fair lass competitors over the history of the BotB:

Rosie Jones 8-0
 Holly Peers 6-1
 Lucy Colette 4-2
 Nicole Neal 4-1
 Danielle Sharp 3-0
 Kelly Hall 3-2
 Danni Wells 2-1
 Melissa Clarke 2-1
 Katia Ivanova 2-1
 Katie Downes 1-0
 Holly Ericsson 1-0
 India Reynolds 2-2
 Kym Graham 1-1
 Amici Grove 2-3
 Rhian Sugden 2-4
 Poppy Rivers 1-2
 Sabine Jemeljanova 1-3
 Sam Cooke 1-4
 Lacey Banghard 1-6
 Sylvia Barrie 0-1
 Chloe Saxon 0-1
 Staci Noblett 0-2
 Emily O'Hara 0-3
 Courtney Quinlan 0-7

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