Emma Frain Topless in Blue Lingerie for an Array of Wonderfully Colorful Feelings

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Well hello there super hottie Emma Frain, we have missed you so. I find Emma to be one of the most alluring women on the face of this spinning orb. I'd go to any lengths just for five minutes alone time with one of her little piggies, let alone the Herculean tasks I would accomplish were I able to take that little piggy all the way home. Just so ridiculously hot.

In her latest bit of passion inducement, Emma uses the simple bit of sheer blue lingerie and a tasteful striptease to drive a million and one men to their knees praying for an Emma Frain of their own. Just by way of advice, if your wife or girlfriend happen to be around when you do drop to your knees, you might want to keep the part about an Emma Frain of your own under your breath. I'm still reeling from a platform sandal to the back of the head  the last time I uttered it aloud. Enjoy.

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