Emma Glover Is Some Kind of Topless Love-r for Your 2014 Wall Hanging Needs

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Well, my rhyming skills have certainly deteriorated since I was pretty much known as the dirty limerick king of fourth grade, but my lust for all things busty and bodacious and wickedly hot to hang on my wall only heightens as the years pass. Every new preview of every new calendar is like a wave of pleasure overtaking the senses until... well, until I climax with a purchase of the Emma Glover 2014 Calendar for my walls.

You may choose to express your emotional state as you please, but you may not choose to ignore the wicked hot January through December sextastic that Emma Glover holds in store for you for 2014.

Just one amazing looking woman sharing her god-given talents with the rest of the world. Like a saint, with deliciously large knockers. Enjoy.

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