Holly Eriksson Topless Calendar Sneak Peek Will Fill Your Days With Smiles

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We just met Holly Eriksson in her first ever Battle of the Boobtastic, a battle she won right out of the gates, so you know there's some special vibes for this relatively new sweet sextastic glamour model. And this time of the year, when thinking deliciously bodacious glamour models, we are thinking about the wall calendars for the coming year. Those 12-glorious photos that will be lining our walls in the coming annum.

You know I never tell you push you in the direction of any one calendar. It's like those annoying people who when you tell them you're going to a certain restaurant they insist you try something they like there. Well, guess what, they also like their wife, so why don't you give her a whirl too? See how that works? It doesn't. Let's all agree that Holly Eriksson is a girl you'd punch your own mother in the knees for a chance to lay down with biblically and let's move on . Enjoy.

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