Humpday Huzzah! Rhian Sugden Topless Chewing On Her Purple Bikini Bits

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EgoReader 'Demi' rightfully pointed out that we have been sadly missing blonde au nautral bombshell Rhian Sugden for some time now on the site. A point I've not been missing as I've been weeping over her lack of new visuals almost nightly here in my shame closet.

To wit, Demi insists that this outrageously hot pictorial of Rhian stripping off her purple bikini in the great poolside outdoors was never shared with the Rhian lusters among our larger denizen and I was committing some kind of egregious boobtastic withholding crime. Seems harsh, but I do love verbal abuse as it reminds me of my Oliver Twist like childhood.

On this middle of the week celebration of all things pefectly squeezable and fluffy, feast your peeps upon the blessed lady humps of Rhian Sugden and see if you don't start feeling a powerful calm overtaking your person in wave like format. Huzzah!

(For all your Rhian Sugden hotness needs be sure to visit the Official Rhian Sugden online site.)

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