Iggy Azalea Topless Covered Only in Pasties for Her New Music Video

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Damn you, pasties. Well, I suppose these ones were planned to keep her music video playable in certain media, still, this feels like such a tease from Australian rapper-pop star Iggy Azalea, quite almost topless shooting her new music video, Change Your Life. Not sure if it will change your life or not, but Iggy has a pretty sweet body from which to build a solid motivation.

Music videos definitely seem to be the stage these days for massive showoff time among our sextastic divas. Miley has certainly raised (or lowered) the bar depending upon how you look at it, but if you're not pretty much nekkid in your music videos now, nobody's going to notice. I mean, you could create good music, just as a backup plan, but if you're going for that iTunes to teens market of over-produced pop music, being nekkid can't hurt you in the music sales department. Thankfully. Enjoy.

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