Joanna Krupa Topless Pictures Wicked Hot! Candidly Spying on Joanna During Desert Photoshoot

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There's really no doubt that Joanna Krupa is the best looking housewife of all the Real Housewives in that drunken middle-aged sagging catfight they call a TV franchise. It's really not even close. Now the Polish-American wonder is just starting to lap her peers, not just by having a super fine body and good looks, but by showing them all off with epic topless caught candids, none more epic than over the weekend as Joanna was caught topless during a photoshoot in the Mojave Desert.

Now, I'm not sure if she was changing or shooting a sextastic covered topless shoot, but I do know this -- Joanna certainly keeps herself neatly groomed all over. Consider that downstairs peep a major bonus to an upstairs of just absolutely perfect chest puppies with nipples straining and swollen reaching toward some morning desert sun. Just 100% certifiably hot. Enjoy.

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