Martha Hunt and Samantha Gradoville Topless in the Streets for Stylish Shoot

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I'm sure I probably could live without artsy stylish women's magazines if I had to, but why would I want to? Sure, the pages are filled with advertisements and high-browed imagery designed to intrigue women into spending every cent in their means on things that will make them look and feel sophisticated and desirable. Meanwhile, I'd be willing to make most women feel that way for entirely free, just saying. Still, part of this culture involves the use of hot models baring their bodies in eye-popping photoshoots, so this can never ever go away.

Take for instance Martha Hunt and Samantha Gradoville modeling for Antidote magazine, in a photo array that has tremendous meaning I'm sure, but mostly tells me that these are two sextastic models with their tops off in the public square. Now, I happen to find that gives me feelings of sophistication and desirability. I can just feel the synergy between the needs of the different genders. We can all be happy together. Imagine. Enjoy.

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