Miley Cyrus Flashes National Morning Show Her Seemingly Bare Up-Shorts and Ass Cheeks Just for Good Measure

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Fresh off her stirring performance on Saturday Night Live, which love Miley Cyrusor not, most everyone admitted was something of a show success, Miley decided that the national morning crowd needed a little skin-showing and body-part revealing magic too. Hey, some people are morning people. Why should they be denied Miley's bare lady nest region and her arse cheeks out there while twerking?

That's rhetorical. They should not be denied. So, Miley took her vag and pony show to the Today show set this morning just to rub it into every single last person in this world that she's going to show your her body whether you like it or not. I like it, so I'm good. But it is not optional at this point. Enjoy.

(P.S. A number of you have written in about Miley flashing nip on SNL. I'm not sure, but here's the screencap if you wish to CSI.)

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