READER FINDS: Helena Christensen Nekkid, Demi Moore Topless, Emily Browning Topless, and Much Much More...

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Well, hello there, awesome communal gathering of EgoReaders to build a weekly portfolio of sextastic celebrity skin. It's been too long since last we met. But it's Friday, so the shofars have been blown and all the contributors have delivered their weekly offerings for our scheduled visual feast. It truly is a triumph of the lust-filled human spirit. I think I might cry.

This week's Reader Finds includes Padma Lakshmiin Fitness magazine (thanks to EgoReader 'Steven' for Indian beauty), Eniko Mihalik topless in a sweet Daniella Rech photoshoot (kudos to 'Darren'), Amy Adams onscreen in lacy lingerie (sweet treat from 'Ernest T.'), Lucy Ramos topless in Turistas (wicked sultry boobtastic via 'Devon'), Helena Christensen classic nekkid beauty (divine views from 'Esse'), Megan Fox sexy in Elle magazine (so much hotness delivered by 'Stephanie'), Demi Mooretopless on the silver screen (purveyed promptly by 'Hugh'), more crazy hot Megan Fox in Jonah Hex promo stills (transmitted by 'Evan'), Lindsay Lohan when she was a singer, yeah (LiLo stagecraft handed over by 'Svern'), bodacious inked up Sallie Axl topless for her 2014 calendar (tats and all provided by 'Lester'), Heather Rae Young topless in Internship (yummies delivered by 'Rob P.'), Andrea Feczko instagrammy goodness (from the mind of 'Dr45'), Emily Browning baring boobtastic (sweet teats by 'Nomad'), Madeline Zima in her classic Californication ride (dropped off by 'Tomas'), lingerie model Jana Defi and her tremendous natural tatas (holy moly by way of 'Standard'), and last, but never least, the crazy hot and moist body and booty of Nataly Umana in a white thong only. It's almost too much, and, yet, never enough.

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