READER FINDS: Selma Blair Topless, Anna Gunn Topless, Kate Winslet Nekkid, and Much Much More...

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Whoa, baby. When you people pack a picnic of celebrity flesh, you really pack the basket. Yogi Bear couldn't filch this fully loaded grab bag of skin-filled goodies, a cornucopia of copious amounts of sextastic. Once more, you the most educated readership of any celebrity website have stitched together one epically diverse, never boring, and forever lust inducing Reader Finds. Bravo.

This week's Reader Finds includes unique wonders such as Traci Lords in a sexy workout tape from a quarter century ago (thank you to EgoReader 'Kinella' for this flashback to porny times), Selma Blair topless on the silver screen (presented by 'Dion' for all eyes), the bodacious Melissa Debling capped from a motion picture in Zoo magazine (outstanding funbaggery by 'Lenny'), wayback machine time to Josie Bissett topless in a slasher film (a second heaping of Melrose alums from 'Stokes'), Debi Sue Vorhees nekkid photos published by Debi of Friday the 13th fame herself (and heralded finely by 'Joy'), a quadruple dose of Natalie Dormer topless in The Tudors, Game of Thrones, The Fades, and the currently in theater Rush (fourplay brilliance by way of 'Ian'), Melissa Evers topless showoff in Blue Summer (dropped at the doorstep by 'Barry T.'), Kate Winslet never shy about being topless in an early film role (transmitted by 'Doug'), odd one... underwater nip slips of women's Waterpolo players, U.S. vs. Spain (sporting good show by 'Elle'), Tatana Kucharova crazy sexy in a Paul de Luna photoshoot (duly shipped from 'Michael'), Breaking Bad mom Anna Gunn topless in a wayback film and Jordan Ladd topless in Club Dread (courtesy of oft-contributing 'Pito'), purported topless photos of Cory Booker online stripper stalker Lynsie Lee by a guy who purportedly knew her quite well (purportedly contributed by 'Kinoken'), Bryce Dallas Howard nekkid in an indie film (tossed over the fence by 'David M.'), Jennifer Lawrence ever so bit of a nip slip (slipped into our arms by 'Louis'), and another wee bit o' the nip from Latina hottie Alexa Vega. Like I said,  a cornucopia of luscious skin. Enjoy.

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