READER FINDS: Tilda Swinton Topless, Uma Thurman Topless, Selena Gomez Thigh Rubbing, and Much Much More...

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It's been quite a ride of technical and sextastic highs and lows here this past week, but there is nothing but exhilaration when Friday comes around and we finally get to open the vault in which we store the communal contributions of our good and decent folk happy clam readership. A little something began back in 1918 continuing strong to this very day, a cultural phenomenon known as Reader Finds.

This week's Reader Finds includes the blessed goodness of naughty Argentinean hottie Virginia Gallardo (hot out of the gate thank you to EgoReader 'Tolken'), Julie Delpy topless in Before Midnight (kudos to 'Erica' for the boobtastic find), Lauren Pope covered topless by the pool (transmitted by 'Oberman'), Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio topless from way back when onscreen (delivered by 'Eli P.'), Sheri Moon Zombie in one of her hubby's flicks (topless Zombie via 'Devon'), Willa Ford topless portrayal of Anna Nicole (speedy send by 'Terry'), Uma Thurman topless on the big screen (Uma's puppies provided by 'Sole'), C.C. Sheffield topless in vampiric embrace (shots of bare tops from 'Ethan'), Susan Sarandon topless a good long time ago (wayback machine courtesy of 'Staunch'), Tilda Swinton always odd, but ever topless in her brave roles (T.S. boobtastic dropped off by 'Steve H.'), more Sudamericanas model hotness from Celeste Muriega and her see-through delights (muchas gracias para ellos 'Herman'), Latina hottie Natalia Velez modeling some sweet underwear treats (thank you kindly to 'Denis'), Colombian hottie Michelle Sarmiento fondling her own racktastic (much ado about Michelle from 'Will'), belusted Selena Gomez rubbing her thighs onstage (self-touching caught by 'Yorch'), Hana Nitscheboobtastic exhibition during fashion show (contribution from 'mox'), and last, but never least, one more hot topless look at Dallas schoolteacher and former Playboy model Cristy Nicole (many thanks to 'BRC'). It's two hands and a mouthful of celebrity skintastic. Enjoy.

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