Rosie Jones Topless Pictures in Her Flat Likely to Cause Deeply Raised Feelings

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There aren't many women who I can remember exactly the first time I met them. My mom I suppose, deep in my subconscious somewhere, the little hot girl who transferred into my fifth grade class and I just knew would be my first kiss, and, of course, Rosie Jones. I distinctly recall the first time I laid eyes upon Rosie Jones, just one young super hottie glamour model who has never really left my thoughts ever since. Some combination of sextastic and girl-next-door-with-amazing-tatas allure that just grabs hold tight and never lets go. Thankfully.

Featured in the new edition of Nuts magazine, Rosie continues to show exactly why if she's not your dream girl, you simply need to get your dreaming tools sharpened. She's an all-day sucker in a land where all-day sugar consumption keeps you alive. I stand ready to lick (that's a metaphor, kind of). Enjoy.

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