Rosie Jones Topless Wicked Hotness for Mammarial Monday

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Rosie Jones not only floats my boat, she sets it to sea, puts the wind in its sails, and ultimately causes me to crash onto rocky shores as I spy her ridiculously sextastic topless female form standing along the shore like a visual Siren's entrancing call. How can you not be entranced by this outrageously hot and boobtastic brunette babe? That's rhetorical I suppose.

I feel like I've lusted for Rosie for three lifetimes, though it's only been a few glorious years. But in epic pictorials like these classic shots of Rosie from Nuts magazine, you can see why she is a faptastic fan favorite for ogling gentleman worldwide. Whatever it is that a woman can have going on, Rosie has it going on and then some. I have sin in my heart and most every other organ of my body right about now. Enjoy.

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