Shelley Rae Topless Calendar For One Wicked Hot Brunette Off the Wall

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Sometimes a girl is so hot, you just want to um, rip her off the wall and have a good private conversation with her. Glamour model Shelley Rae is most definitely in that category. This wicked hot brunette from Manchester is busting out every cliche in her 2014 calendar, including the giant sucker, the hose, the watermelon, and a bunch of other classics naughty girl topless poses, but she is making it all work. That body of hers just belongs in a museum somewhere. And, by somewhere, I mean the museum in my basement where I pay girls lots of money to stand perfectly still on pedestals. Hey, get your own thing.

I will never tell you who or what to hang on your walls, but if you're not checking out Shelley Rae in some form or fashion come 2014, you are being unnecessarily ungenerous to Mr. Happy. Enjoy.

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