Spanish Bachelorette Luisi Takes It All Off For Her Ultimate Interview

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Now, you may not be a big viewer of reality programming in Spain, but suffice it to say, the same craptastic on the airwaves here is on over there, including a bunch of Bachelorette types shows, which are merely blown out versions of the old Dating Game I suppose. But, every now and then, like on U.S. reality TV, there are some female type revelations, like Luisi, the 40-something eligible bachelorette who has taken Spain by storm.

I guess she's already slept with a few famous sports and TV personalities in Spain, then she became a show contestant to try and find love, but, most importantly of all, she decided to take her clothes off for a cover pictorial in Interviu magazine. So, in the end, you can see she is a giving woman, as well as quite the veteran hottie. I don't imagine she'll have trouble finding love. I'd like to give her a little love right this very minute, a good chance to practice my burgeoning Spanish language skills. I just need to know how to say, 'Are you allergic to strawberry jam in your sensitive places?' Enjoy.

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