'World's Hottest DJ' Colleen Shannon Is Going to Prison, Let's Take a Look at Her Nekkid

Well, it's not often that our favorite new fun time game coincides with arrests, but, we don't make the news, we just report it. Err, we report on extremely good looking women who are going to prison. Who are you going to go to for that? CNN? Will they show you nekkid sextastic photos of the incarcerated? I think not.

Former Playboy Playmate and 50th anniversary magazine centerfold Colleen Shannon, who now labels herself the 'World's Hottest DJ' (she could be right), will very soon be labeling herself the World's Hottest Inmate as she prepares for a four month stint in prison for trying to smuggle her ne'er'-do-well boyfriend illegally across the Canadian border. I know, such a classic love tale.  Thanks to our friends at PlayboyPlus, purveyors of oodles of nekkid hotties, we can take a look at the more alluring girl in Cell Block D.

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Now, you might be imagining the prison shower scenes already, I mean, if you think like me. But let's just hope that Colleen makes it out in one piece. The world needs attractive DJs so that DJs will serve some actual purpose. Enjoy.

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