Andrea Calle Bikini Booty Enters El Octagono De La Sextastica

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Colombian Andrea Calle is making her mark in the U.S. as the Spanish language MMA reporter and all-around bootytastic sultry Latina model. Now, let her make a mark in your mind with her extensive two-hands worth of bootylicious bikini bottom treats swagger across South Beach. I'm not sure if this country currently has a full-scale promotion to bring in desperately sextastic full-bottomed Colombian girls like Sofia Vergara and Andrea Calle, but if not, I have to ask what is the role of government if not to increase the sheer number of hot asstastic Colombianas in our ranks? Precisely.

Andrea, some day, I'd like to take you jeans shopping. I'm happy to help you so the shimmy in and shimmy out part and tell you just how amazing your bottom looks in everything you try on. Yes, I am a kiss-ass. Enjoy.

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