Claudia Romani Bikini Beach Bum Driving Me Quite Insane

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Sometimes I look at Claudia Romani and her killer tush and I think to myself, how much longer until those hot tanned cheeks and I can be together wed in holy matrimony. More specifically, when I can I fly us away to the Waikiki Sheraton for which I hold one amazing Groupon so that we can express our newfound nuptial commitment through the act of sweaty, oily, making of the sexy.

Claudia was once more flashing her thong covered honking bottomside along the beach in Miami, creating auto accidents and turning more than three dozen boys into men right on the spot. You could almost hear the sound. Such is the power of the Romani butt. Oh, I can not wait to make it my betrothed. When will the laws of man catch up to my unnatural lust? Enjoy.

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