Claudia Romani Cleavage and Tush Show Strutting in Miami

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I have to believe that the deliciously Italian model Claudia Romani knows full well that her dresses don't quite cover up her faptastic bun cheeks. I also have to believe that Claudia knows precisely how happy this makes me and a few million of my closest gentleman ogling friends. Could there be a better treat than the sight of bare hot boobty peeking out on the city street whilst you're jaunting along the public boulevard. It certainly makes walking a much more pleasant transportation option.

One day soon, Claudia Romani's killer tush and I will be together in a fully legal and state-recognized manner. A man should be able to betroth himself to the object of his affections, and that object for me is Claudia's hot-to-trot hiney. I hear bells. Enjoy.

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