Dai Macedo Crowned Asstastic As Your New Miss BumBum Brazil

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Why yes, there is a new Miss BumBum Brazil and her name is Dai Macedo. But, more importantly, her bottomside is expansive and glorious. In answer to all the tiny Pilates booties of Tinsel Town, the girls of Sudamericana are once again making the case for junk in the trunk with perhaps the most infamous asstastic contest on the planet, Miss BumBum Brazil.

Dai Macedo is the bum on the right in the photo above. Or the cheeks now fully lasered into your badonkadonk lusting libido. For all gentleman oglers out there who like a little, nay, a whole lot of cushion for the pushing, or just a butt that could knock you into next Tuesday, Ms. Macedo is your gal. When she starts to wagging that beast, you have to decide between fight and flight and the retreat is simply not a manly option. Enjoy.

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