Emily Ratajkowski Topless Epic Hotness Part Deux from Her Jonathan Leder Photoshoot

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You can bet your bottom Bitcoin that come Thanksgiving, one of the key things I'll be thankful for is Emily Ratajkowski. Emily is just one of the single hottest additions to the Egotastic! family that I can remember. Granted, my memory has been greatly impaired by years of malt liquor consumption that I can swear was first recommended to me by a doctor to cure the common cold, but I'm going to put Emily easily into my Top 10 all-time favorite hotties among a very very select group. I hope Emily can turn that accolade into some kind of memento to put up on her mantle.

We've seen some of the Jonathan Leder ridiculously hot topless photos of Emily Ratajkowski, now let us gaze upon additional heavenly images from that epic undertaking. It's hard to look directly at Emily without turning to stone, well, certain parts at least. But, muster the courage to stare deep into her amazing body and sultry good looks and see if you don't decide she belongs in your Top 10 as well. I bet you do. Enjoy.

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