Happy Birthday, Miley Cyrus, You Only Turn 21 Once, So Let's Examine Your T and A

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Time for Miley Cyrus to have her first drink. The innocent little minx turned 21 years of age today. It seems like only yesterday she was a flashing teenager with everybody saying to give her a break because she was growing up and that wouldn't go on forever. Yeah.

Quite frankly, I'm happy to have Miley in our lives. She may be a bit awkward and not always classy, but she's got more lady balls than most of the celebrities we cover in terms of not feeling a need to play a part to make retail corporate advertisers happy. She wants to show you her lady bits and that's exactly what she's doing. Kind of refreshing really, if not the model of modern pop diva decorum. Happy Birthday, Miley.

(Oh, yeah, take a look back with us at 30 of some of our favorite Miley Cyrus photos. She is a peach.)

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