Holly Eriksson Topless Sweetness Kicks Off Totally Nuts Christmas Tree Lighting Season

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I still have fond memories of childhood, offering to help the hot divorcee on the block hang her Christmas lights. And it was no simple task either. Tangled jumbled broke-down mess. But it was all worth it for the cup of cocoa and a kiss on the cheek from a woman who insisted I call her Helen. Oh, Helen. Such wonderful memories of seasonal boyish wood well before it was probably healthy.

I can't help but harken back to my Helen checking out the delicious Nordic hottie Holly Eriksson choosing to string up her Christmas lights on her personal front porch. As if Holly needed to highlight her faptastic funbags and outrageously hot female form. But, she did anyway in this special shoot for Nuts. Because Holly is giving, and this is the season of giving. As such, I'm giving over ten more minutes of blank staring and drooling at Holly'd topless sextastic covered in shining bulbs. Run, run, Rudolph. Enjoy.

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