Humpday Huzzah! Jo Evans Flashes Her Sporty Funbags for Elite

Just by way of FYI, model Jo Evans should not be mistaken for Texas A&M women's softball coach Jo Evans who you may still want to see topless, but that's between you and the lamp post, as it were. Model Jo Evans all kinds of hot and topless and promoting Knicks basketball (somebody has to), I'm pretty confident you're going to want to check out.

Featured on the pages of Elite Magazine, we get to spend our midweek celebration of all things boobtastic with Jo and her half-shirts and her panties and not a whole lot else. Well, the cap, if that does anything for you. Sports babes are always 5-10 percent hotter just by association to professional athletics, this is true. Huzzah!

Photo credit: @tripodski

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