Humpday Huzzah! Shay Laren Topless Living Room Pose-Off Might Just Make Your Midweek

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Oh, poor EgoReader 'Aaron' can't fathom why the lust of his life, rather all grown up stylings model Shay Laren, is nowhere to be found on this humble site. Aaron was all kinds of outraged. But, he also managed to use the magic word, please, in between various intense vulgarities that left even a Swift man from the house of cursing rather humbled.

Besides that, Aaron is rather correct in his diagnosis of Shay Laren as a 'smoking hot piece of awesome'. Just look at her preening and posing skills, the way she deftly lifts her perfect rump and dangles her outrageous danglers. On this Wednesday when we all take a collective mid-week breath aided by our oxygen tank filled with boobs, you could do no better than to leer at Shay Laren and feel your pulse rate rising. I recommend feeling around the neck or wrist, but you test as you see fit. Huzzah!

(Be sure to check out for a plethora of wicked hot Shay Laren visuals.)

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