Iggy Azalea Lip Slip One Ups Miley at The MTV European Music Awards

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If you want to beat the queen, you need to topple the queen from her position on exhibitionist hill. So Iggy Azalea figured with Miley flashing camel toe at the symposium of musical excellence known as the MTV European Music Awards why not stick it to her by adjusting her panties on the red carpet of the event and flashing a solid does of her bare pubic area. Not pubes, as none were present, just the general lady nest area in a wardrobe malfunction of high functioning caliber.

Iggy Azalea may not be as well known as her fellow body baring pop star divas quite yet, but if she keeps fiddling with her feminine wiles in front of hundreds of paparazzi cameras, she's sure to be climbing the music charts in very short order. Not to mention making many more appearances around these parts. Good on you, Aussie girl. Enjoy.

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