Jaclyn Swedberg Covered Topless Hotness for Water Pimping Time

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I'd pay to watch Jaclyn Swedberg fill out her taxes. She's so hot. The chance to see her covered topless and her butt cheeks scrunching around tiny bottoms to pimp this mysteriously nowhere 138 Water, well, an opportunity missed is an opportunity you should kick yourself in the ass for, or something like that.

At some point, I need to start a fake product venture of my own requiring the daily involvement of super sextastic models taking off their tops. I mean, I've already got Egotastic!, a venture established for nearly that same identical purpose. But maybe something like a teddy bear company that will really get the girls to let their guard down, if not their tops and bottoms. Bill's Sweet Teddys, featuring promotional photoshoots with over 100 nekkid models and their little furry friends, and I'm not talking about the teddy bears. This could be good. Enjoy.

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