Jodie Gasson Topless Boudoir Striptease for a Fully Blossomed Ta-Ta Tuesday

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Oh, happy healthy chesty days when we get to celebrate the round mounds of boundless fun that are Jodie Gasson and her full-bodied funbags. I happen to agree with the most of you that women with a little zoft are really the most spectacularly tingle inducing. The wondrous softness of fine female forms has yet to be duplicated by science or, sadly, virtual reality. Not yet at least. The day they clone the goodness of the likes of Jodie Gasson, I will be first in line at the clone store.

On Tuesdays we celebrate the udder goodness of the most lust-inducing chesty ladies in the world. Jodie Gasson not only floats my boat, she's the masthead you'd find me fondling until such time as local port police could be called to remove me. Just so lust inspiring. Enjoy.

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