Kendall Jenner Shows Off Her Nipples on Instagram.... And So It Begins

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You'll have to click through to the story to see the see-through top photo. Even though Kendall Jenneris now an adult by law, and an adult by Kardashian standards for more than five years, I figured for her first nipple peek we'd leave it off the homepage. You know, in case her high school classmates are watching, Just kidding, obviously.

I will say this about Kendall Jenner, she photographs extremely well. She's tall, she's lean, and if this first photo is any indication of her new found barely legal professional status, she's going to well surpass her sisters in terms of legit magazine modeling by a factor of ten thousand million infinity something. Enjoy.

(Thanks to a bunch of you who emailed, Tweeted, and alerted us to Kendall's first masterpiece.)

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