L. Shima Topless Bodacious Modeling Hotness Is Something to Be Thankful For

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It's the season of giving, also the season of thanks. While I'll save my big speech for the actual turkey day, I'm generally quite grateful to live in a world with over three billion women. It's hard to imagine the horrific planet filled with only guys. Like the worst sausage fest party you've ever been to, and you can't leave. Where would we be without the fairer sex? I don't like to contemplate.

For this reason I'd like to take a moment to celebrate the German, Irish, Black, Japanese electric fine female form of L. Shima, who shows off her crazy curvy fine female in this Noe Lozano photoshoot. Well, it's really what Thanksgiving time feelings are all about. Also, those special tingly feelings you first felt as a boy when you accidentally saw your babysitter changing into her swimsuit. Very similar sensations. Enjoy.

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