Laura Cremaschi Bikini Pictures Go Black and Bootylicious for End of Week Asstastic Show

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Laura Cremaschi has one ridiculously hot body. I can see why she made the Berlusconi Bunga Bunga party list. She might wish to rethink the glasses, but I say that only after staring at her wicked tight booty for the past twenty minutes or so. It's a work of art that only a Michelangelo or a DaVinci from her homeland may have properly captured in stone centuries ago.

Sometimes I look at women and just openly weep at how deeply I lust them. I try to limit those sometimes to when nobody else is around, or I need to keep making excuses like my family dog just died or the Cub just didn't win a World Series again for the hundredth time in a row. But make no mistake about it, those tears are drawn out of me by the likes of the Cremaschi bikini body. It's very moving. Enjoy.

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