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Lucy Pinder Topless Epic Hotness in Black and White for Mammarial Monday

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Lucy Pinder is unreal. Which is odd, because she's actually more real in her parts than most other celebrities. Her allure is unreal. Color, black and white, makes no difference. In this self-described 'Time for Bed' pictorial, Lucy shows us what it's like in her abode when it's time to catch some Z's.

Now, you're probably thinking what I'm thinking. There's no way I'd let Lucy fall asleep looking like that were I invited to her slumber party. Air horns, toothpicks beneath the eyes, even, God forbid, Paris Hilton dance music, whatever it takes to keep Lucy awake for the two to five minutes of intense passion play I have planned for her. Just so wicked hot. It's simply not fair, but oh so good. Enjoy.

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